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William Harrison Memorial Scholarship

Will Harrison, was a non-traditional African American Student who was a dear friend of mine. We attended undergrad together and I was always amazed and how smart he was. Not because I didn’t believe he couldn’t do it, but he truly was naturally gifted and a genius. He never forgot a thing.

I can remember countless times I ran into him in the Library and we would talk for hours. First we would talk about our classes and then we would somehow sidetrack on to topics about life and he would give me the advice I didn’t know I needed.

Will didn’t let anything stop him. He came back to school after over two-decades of being out of college. He was legally blind, which meant he had to take all exams orally and he got a perfect score each time. He had other (dis)abilities and health complications. And in his last semester, after he had been accepted to Law School, he passed away.

I remember receiving that phone call and my heart broke. That was years ago, and I have been thinking of a way to honor him ever since.

This scholarship is to help “non-traditonal” Black/African American students with a family and/or any type of learning/cognitive/physical (dis)abilities applying to graduate school.

The application closes October 12, 2018. The fund hopes to award five $100 scholarships to help offset application cost.

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