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Setting the Bones

I viewed getting into therapy as life or death. I had previously struggled with suicidal thoughts before I was formally diagnosed, so I knew that if I didn't get the help I would most likely follow those thoughts. That was way scarier to confront than the thought of going to therapy. It really is humbling to realize you truly don't have a handle on your thoughts and you need some guidance with them. I had to realize that did not make me less of a person; however, it made me a stronger person. 

5 things I started doing to help fight my depression

In fact, I have been having to work extra hard to get over my current depressive state and be able to function. It is the end of the semester, which means I have quite a few deadlines. So with deadlines, I must be able to complete the task; meaning, a depressed Joy is not a productive Joy.  So I had to think of ways that would help with my personal depression and mood and so I hope these 5 things help you as well. (outside of going to therapy)

What {My} Depression Looks Like...

"This is what depression looks like. It does not always show as me being too sad to get out of bad or that I randomly cry uncontrollably (and honestly, I do both of these things). But in reality, sometimes my depression manifest in a complete and utter messy office and bedroom. And its not because I do not try to clean, instead it is because I start to clean but I never finish. 

Damn, Why does Chipotle deliver?

The learning curve in graduate school is so high that an Olympic pole vaulter could not even get over it without years of practice. But somehow I was supposed to clear the curve, make new friends, workout, and get eight hours of sleep per night. What is balance? My ass just kept ordering Chipotle and tried to keep my head above water in my classes.