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Setting the Bones

I viewed getting into therapy as life or death. I had previously struggled with suicidal thoughts before I was formally diagnosed, so I knew that if I didn't get the help I would most likely follow those thoughts. That was way scarier to confront than the thought of going to therapy. It really is humbling to realize you truly don't have a handle on your thoughts and you need some guidance with them. I had to realize that did not make me less of a person; however, it made me a stronger person. 

5 things I started doing to help fight my depression

In fact, I have been having to work extra hard to get over my current depressive state and be able to function. It is the end of the semester, which means I have quite a few deadlines. So with deadlines, I must be able to complete the task; meaning, a depressed Joy is not a productive Joy.  So I had to think of ways that would help with my personal depression and mood and so I hope these 5 things help you as well. (outside of going to therapy)

To the man that taught Batman how to drive....

But all jokes aside, my dad is a Black man from the Southside of Chicago. He is a Black man in America and he made it to Sixty years of age with good health! And as I am writing this, I am reminded of the recent Black-ish episode about Pop who turns 65 and they joke he is the oldest Black man in America. Let's face it, to be a Black male with no prison or arrest record in America is something the media would like to tell you doesn't exist, but we know it does. Oh, and I forgot to mention he is educated and employed.