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My neck, my back, and all my emotional baggage that I gotta unpack...

My neck, my back, and all my emotional baggage that I gotta unpack...

If you haven't gotten an adjustment from a licensed Chiropractor, then you need to find one in your area and GET ONE!  On my first visit last week, I got X-rays and did a bunch of different mobility tests. 

When I went back today to get the results, the X-Rays revealed that I have mild degeneration in my neck which is leading to early arthritis. The images also revealed that my hips were over 5cm out of place, and the typical person is only 1cm out of line. (Yes, you read that right a whole 5+cm out of place!)

After the doctor walked me through what all of these things meant, I was shocked. I asked him if my hips were this far out of place and my neck has the beginning stages of arthritis, how did this happen and how come I never noticed my hips were this outta whack. And that is when he said something that I realized could be applied to my life as a whole. 

He said, "this imbalance and degeneration is a result of miniature traumas or injuries over time that has caused this, but you never noticed it because you began to compensate and your body and muscles and trained themselves to live with the hurt and make that the new normal!"

Whew! Imagine me sitting in the doctor's office and hearing these words. It was like this man got my life together and he didn't even know it. My body had become so used to living with the pain of the results of all these mini-traumas and it had adjusted and that my new normal. The only way to get this "undone" is to have someone pop and pull it back in place.

Then it hit me: I am twenty-four years old (and yes, that is not that old but it is not that young either) and a good portion of my twenties has been affected by a series of mini-traumas. And these mini-traumas affected my emotional being. They caused me to react to things in a certain way and without me even noticing, these things became my new normal.

And to be quite honest, the things that have happened to me have not really been "mini," but instead they were major. Abusive relationship=major. An abortion=major. Dropping out of college=major. Hearbreak=major. Suicide Attempts=major. Emotional abuse=major. Depression=major. Learning Disabilities=major.

All of these things that happened to me, whether I placed myself in these situations or they were out of my control, shaped how I respond to current situations. And the thing about it is, I did not even realize it. I had become so used to walking around with hurt inside (and outside) that I began to just accept it. 

I guess when I got home and I continued to think about it, I somewhat did an X-ray on my mental and emotional skeletal structure. I sat in the new reading corner that I created in my home office and thought over all of the ways I respond to things now. And also how I do not let people in because, well honestly why should I. 

How have you allowed "mini-traumas" shape your emotional and mental skeletal structures? How have you begun to compensate for things to hide the fact that something is out of alignment? 

You do not have to tell me, although I would love to hear about them in the comments. But if you are anything like me, there are quite a few things that you do that are a result of years of emotional and mental traumas have dictated how you react in certain situations. 

Just like going to a chiropractor helps you get your bones and joints back in place, I believe the same thing can happen with mental and emotional things by seeing a therapist. Which also reminded me that I gotta make an appointment. 

My chiropractor said that I am currently in the pain stages because in order to heal you have to go through some pain when you get realigned. This also applicable in real life. It may be painful when you have to rehash somethings that happened in your past, but it is only necessary so you can train yourself to be whole and healed again. 


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